Integrity's TDN (Trusted Delivery Network)

The Integrity TDN is your national network of on-site technical resources delivering Deployment & Support Enablement Services for IT, A/V, add DAS, Security, and other facility infrastructure Technologies.

It comprises skilled resources coast to coast to perform survey, installation, maintenance and other support services. Integrity Networks has serviced client needs throughout the US and Pacific Rim for more than a decade. The Integrity TDN builds upon that extensive history bringing a high performance program approach well-prepared to meet your requirements on national programs and roll-outs. From a single box install repeated at several hundred sites, to a series of major projects running concurrently around the country, the Integrity TDN is ready to support you today with in-market resources.

Benefits of using Integrity's TDN:

  • Cost Effective: Variable workforce element is there when you need them, not when you don’t.
  • All Purpose: Skill sets that are experienced in multiple technology: Infrastructure, low voltage systems, telephony, network equipment, POS, etc.
  • Trusted: Long term partners representing well in front of end user customers.
  • Knowledgeable: Work well in disparate engagement models including single and multi-site implementations and post installation service support.
  • High Performance: Proven track record of high quality workmanship.
  • Experienced: Understand importance of customer impressions and presenting correctly to end user, including experience in 'white-label' situations.
  • Accountable: Work well with or without supervision.
  • Contracted: Engaged through Agreements, ensuring accountability to performance levels.
  • Expert: Specialists in their footprint. Know their geo well.
  • Reliable: There after the install to provide ongoing support.
  • Flexible: Willing to engage in various engagement models.

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