Hospitals and healthcare clinics are some of the most demanding technology users. Healthcare systems rely more and more on technology to impact patient outcomes and experiences. Integrity Networks has built entire network systems from the ground up working with architects and general contractors to construct large regional hospitals. We also have experience providing technology support to existing hospitals and clinics across the nation, working closely with IT managers and staff to upgrade existing systems to meet emerging needs. We’ve held multi-year contracts in placing technicians onsite full-time to keep up with network maintenance and support needs that arise within large medical enterprises.

We offer:

  • IT equipment installation
  • Copper/fiber cabling
  • Pathway
  • Wireless networks
  • Asset tracking systems
  • Patient wandering
  • Audio/visual
  • Sound/paging
  • Physical security
...and other low-voltage systems critical to the medical environment.

Our designers, project managers and field staff are experienced with the unique demands and requirements of working in a functioning healthcare facility.

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