DoD / Military

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Our nation’s military, through DARPA, laid the foundations for today’s internet and our connected society. The US military continues to lead the world in its application of advanced technologies to the needs of defending our nation and securing our forces. Integrity Networks is proud of the work we do in support of US military networks and security systems.

We have performed base-wide technology upgrades in Hawaii and Alaska, performing survey, design and installation of physical network systems across hundreds of buildings. We’ve helped deploy networks within SCIFs across Asia and in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We’ve installed and commissioned advanced perimeter security systems to protect assets and forces related to air combat and undersea warfare. We’ve installed and configured video conferencing solutions to connect command and control across theaters. Integrity brings all of our capabilities and resources together to work through leading Defense IT and security integrators, and our services can be contracted through a number of GWACs, BPAs and IDIQs.

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