Integrity Networks successfully completed a large technology installation for the Amazon Troy Block North and South Towers – multi-story, high rise office buildings (North BLDG – 13 Floors and South BLDG – 12 Floors) with below grade parking structure.

Tasks completed:

  • Installed 14,500+ Cat 6 cables from patch panels in the IDFs to Consolidation Point Boxes in the ceiling throughout the buildings.
  • Installed 13,100+ Cat 6 cables from the Consolidation Point Boxes in the ceiling to the workstations, IP cameras, floor boxes and wireless access points throughout the buildings.
  • Installed (2) 12 Strand OM3 redundant fiber optic backbone cables from the MDF to each IDF on each FL.
  • Installed 25 pair Cat 5e copper backbone cables from the demark room to the MDF.
  • Built out the MDF and each IDF Room to include ladder rack, cable tray, 4 post racks, 2 post racks and vertical wire managers.
  • Installed an open pathway system utilizing j-hooks to support all of the Cat 6 cables, fiber, DAS and Sound Masking cables.
  • Installed 630 WAPs.
  • Installed DAS and Sound Masking in each high rise building.
  • Installed the network switches, routers, firewalls, WiFi routers and associated fiber/copper patch cables for the network equipment in the MDF and each IDF.

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